Bespoke Heavy Duty Solutions for Wheel, Castor and Trolley Applications

Innovation and flexibility with customer focus

Moving goods requires the optimum solution. Trolley design and configuration are key to maximising efficiency savings, continuous improvement processes, and industry 4.0 aspirations. Hougen can help solve difficult and challenging applications by applying our experience and engineering know-how. We offer a service to develop ideas & positive outcomes through design, prototyping & testing.
Applications can be of any type, from a light duty application to an ultra heavy duty application weighing many thousands of tons.
Redesign of an existing application can be a cost effective option. Hougen can help with retro-fit requirements.

AGV applications are becoming prevalent in industry today. Solutions for turtle and towed AGV applications require special attention to manage efficiency benefits from the correct trolley, dolly or trailer design.

Tugger train applications can be greatly enhanced, and with the correct trolley design, reduction or even elimination of snaking can be achieved.

Operations involving a mix of towing and manual handling are achievable with the correct trolley design and wheel or castor selection.

Low speed rail trolleys are available, as solutions for multiple running surface applications such as rail and concrete floor surfaces.

Driven Trolleys

Various drive mechanisms are possible depending on the required specification.

Retro fitting drive systems to enhance an existing trolley design are available.