Bespoke Heavy Duty Solutions for Wheel, Castor and Trolley Applications

Innovation and flexibility with customer focus

High load Jacking Unit and Jacking Castor solutions are our speciality.

Jacking Units are available for direct floor use or in combination with wheels and castors, in several variants including manual, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic operation.

Floor or application mounted Jacking Units can be designed and supplied.

Jacking Castors can be supplied as a full assembly, or assembled with wheels and castors of a predetermined specification or manufacturer. Several materials are available to meet innovative applications. These include machined steel, stainless steel, aluminium and synthetic components.
High humidity, temperature range extremes, environmental conditions and chemical exposure solutions can be provided.

ATEX compliant solutions for sensitive areas are possible. Can be combined in to a trolley dolly or trailer designed by Hougen.